Energy Scrambles

How to assess and correct for Energy Scrambles so you can benefit from the energy work, coaching and counseling.  And you will be able to take more positive actions, change habits easier, be healthier and just enjoy life more.

An Introduction To Chakras

What they do and self care tools for anyone to use and benefit greatly. Hint: Chakras carry our deeply held patterns that influence us consciously and unconsciously in our lives, relationships, work and play.  And those patterns can be both positive and/or problematic.

The Rapid Relief Process

A self-healing energy therapy-based method that works to balance eight subtle energy systems.  Stephanie co-developed this process with Marti MacEwan. This is a webinar that is designed for health care providers and the general public.  For participants who complete this webinar series will be able to join coaching groups or health care professionals’ consultation groups to become more proficient in this model.

Self Muscle Testing & Pendulum Use

As a tool to assess your subtle energy systems and build your own customized energy psychology, energy medicine, meridian tapping, chakra clearing and bio-field (aura) treatments.