I offer consultation groups to counselors, psychotherapists, other health care practitioners and professional life/business coaches in energy psychology and energy medicine.  

If you want to take your subtle energy work with clients to a higher level of proficiency, contact me or call 425-681-1170 for a free 15-minute consultation. I offer groups specifically for different professionals that are specific to their health care settings. And I offer groups for coaches too.  If you use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Comprehensive Energy Psychology (CEP) or Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) and want to accelerate your learning and create faster and greater results for your clients, consider joining one of my groups.

Or if you are stuck with a particular client and not sure what to do next, let me help you figure it out.  I have been offering one to one consultation with health care professionals since the 1990s to help them refine their usage of the energy therapies and to craft interventions with their clients that really work.  I have also met with the health care provider or coach with their client and built interventions in the moment that will produce positive results for both the practitioner and the client in their work together.