I offer a variety of coaching groups that meet via www.Zoom.us video conferencing platform for six to eight 75 minute sessions.  All groups combine energy psychology, energy medicine, mindfulness meditation and other mind-body therapies techniques that are designed for self – treatment.  These groups are psycho-educational and not therapy groups. I limit the groups to no more than six to eight people so that I can customize what I teach to what those in the group can most benefit using.

Groups offered are:

  • How To Worry Less & Thrive More

  • Dealing With Difficult People & Relationships

  • Getting Really Good Results With EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

New groups form regularly so if you are interested please contact me.  I will also announce these groups to my email list.  Often these groups fill before I let my email list know they are happening so if you are interested, it is best to contact me regarding your interest or enter in your email in the form below, so you will have your spot reserved for the next group offering.