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“I work from the belief that the energy systems are but another major system of the body as is the skeleton, nervous, endrocine systems, etc. The energy systems interlocking subsystems have been virtually ignored in psychology. When disturbed the energy systems start a domino effect throughout the mind-body-spirit. This means that psychologocial or physical problems can have their beginnings and solutions in the energy systems. It is the subtle energy systems that provide the basic nutrients of the whole mind-body-spirit continuum.”
-Stephanie Eldringhoff
Subtle Energy System Interventions
Since 1996 Stephanie has been focusing on applying subtle energy system interventions in her counseling practice, integrating them with systemic, cognitive, interpersonal, object relations and hypnosis theories.
Results Grow and Strengthen
Stephanie Eldringhoff teaches and provides healing in the same session because the results grow and strengthen if you use the techniques between sessions. It is not unlike muscle building. It takes more than one weight lifting session to get strong.
Also it is helpful to have a trainer with you until you are proficient at the exercises and then still be available on an as needed basis.
Stephanie Eldringhoff views her role in subtle energy work from a vantage point where she can be the most helpful while designing the relationship to work effectively.
Learn to Be Your Own Healer!
Committed to teaching you how to work with your own energy systems, Stephanie Eldringhoff will teach you how to evaluate and balance many of the subtle energy systems on your own. Bodies naturally heal themselves when provided with the assistance needed.
At times it may become necessary to have an expert present to orchestrate the process, but it may not always be essential.
Be sure to see the various energy healing products we offer to aid in balancing your own energy systems.
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Subtle Energy Work 
Balancing Subtle Energies to Change Your Life
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