Using Subtle Energy Systems as Energy Remedies
Western science has documented that we are electrical and magnetic beings. The Magnetic and electrical fields are subtle and the treatment of these fields can be subtle, but yield significant results.
We can influence and heal those systems through direct touch, without touch, using hands above the body, with the use of essential oils, through application and inhalation, or even with thought.
Thought is energy too and it produces changes in many systems of the body simultaneously.
Important Note:  You do not have to be convinced about this in order for these methods to work for you.  In fact, most people are healthily skeptical and it works anyway.
Learn to Be Your Own Healer!
Committed to teaching you how to work with your own energy systems, Stephanie Eldringhoff will teach you how to evaluate and balance many of the subtle energy systems on your own. Bodies naturally heal themselves when provided with the assistance needed.
At times it may become necessary to have an expert present to orchestrate the process, but it may not always be essential.
Be sure to see the various energy healing products we offer to aid in balancing your own energy systems.


Balancing Subtle Energies  

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Subtle Energy Work 
Balancing Subtle Energies to Change Your Life
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