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Learn the essentials of Energy Remedies through
Stephanie Eldringhoff's Advanced Energy Medicine Course!
Order the Digital Manual (Shipped via Email)
Energy Medicine Charts by Stephanie
Meridians, Neurolymphatics, Neurovasculars /Energy Wheel -$15
Side One Meridians, Neurolymphatics, Neurovasculars
Side Two Energy Wheel
Meridian Clock/Daily Energy Routine -$15
Side One Meridian Clock © Deirdre Knowles, MA  Adapted from Donna Eden, book: ENERGY MEDICINE
Side Two Daily Energy Routine
Meridian Pathways -$15
Side One Meridian Pathways
Side Two Meridian Pathways
Meridian Source Points/Neurovascular Holding Points -$15
Side One Meridian Source Points
Side Two Neurovascular Holding Points
Additional Manuals

Rhode Island Manual, pub 06/05. Topics: Irregular Energies, Source Points, Seed Cells, Vortices, Assemblage Point (this manual is more recent thinking on many of topics in the Advanced Energy Medicine Manual above and adds Seed Cells) This manual is available via email in Adobe .pdf file. $20.00 - Shipped via email.
New, Advanced Energy Medicine Course DVD Series
FULL COLOR VERSION Includes: 6 DVDs + 72 Page Color Manual on CD Rom
$119.00 plus shipping, handling and applicable sales tax.
Permission is granted to print this manual for the purchaser’s use only.
Topics include: “Starfish Correction/Meridian Control Cycles; Electricals w/ Brazilian Toe Massage; Assemblage Point; Source Points; Neurovasculars: Vortices; Irregular Energies - frozen, lost
meridian points and muscles.
You will love these Energy Medicine Study charts, double sided in full color and laminated for long-lasting protection. Perfect for your office, or as a daily reminder for any individual!
All Laminates are 2 sided, 8.5 X 11 inches
“Assessing and Working Among the 9 Levels of Chakras” and “Choosing and Moving Among the Subtle Energy Systems” $15.00 - Shipped via email in a .pdf format.
SAVE $$$$
Buy all 8 laminates for only $85! 


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